A list of the desserts that I have prepared for my family, may not be the best recipes but definitely loved by the family.


Molten Lava Cake with Ice Cream

Before I even attempted to look at the recipe for this dessert, I have always thought that it will be difficult to do. But let me tell you that this dish only takes 5 minutes of your time and it is a definitely worth it recipe to do. Try and see for yourself.

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Cheng Teng

Ingredients2-3 litres Water1/2 cup Dried longans2 florets White fungus1 bunch Pandan leaves1 packet Cooked gingko nuts (usually comes in a packet already cooked)1 Snow lotus 天山雪莲, cut into cubes (looks like lotus root but sweet)Rock sugar / Cane sugar / Brown sugar (whichever you are used to having) MethodSoak the white fungus and remove the […]


Homemade Mascarpone

Ingredients2 cups heavy cream1 tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed MethodHeat heavy cream over medium heat in a large saucepan until it reaches 88 deg C. Stir cream and make sure it does not boil, as it will scorch the bottom. Stir in the lemon juice In a large saucepan, heat heavy cream over medium high heat until a […]


Watermelon Swan Basket

Ingredients1 huge watermelonDifferent variety of fruits to put in the basket ToolsPenknife or carving knifeFruit balls scraper MethodSlice off one end of the water melon so that the watermelon can sit on a plate while you carve.Use a whiteboard marker and draw the outlines of the swan or the picture that you want to carve.Then slowly […]


Strawberry Cheesecake

Ingredients250g digestive biscuits125g butter, melted (I used salted butter, but unsalted is fine as well.)1/4 tsp vanilla essence (optional)600g cream cheese100g caster sugar284ml heavy cream250g strawberries, sliced MethodGet ready a 15-20cm tin. Blend 250g digestive biscuits in a blender. Pour in melted butter and mix until the mixture feels like wet sand. Pour into tin and press firmly […]


Tang Yuan, Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Winter Solstice)

IngredientsFor dumpling dough2 cups glutinous rice flour1 cup water1 tbsp caster sugarFor sweet soup2 litres water160g brown sugarPandan leaves MethodBring a pot of water with pandan leaves and dried longan to a boil.Add brown sugar and mix. Once ready, put aside for serving later.Bring another pot of water to a boil. This is for boiling the […]