Growing Rockmelons in Singapore HDB

This is my journey in growing Rockmelons in front of my flat. It does not have abundance of sunshine nor does it have a very conducive environment. It has more shade but I gave it a try. 

To germinate the seeds, simply put the seeds in damp soil for few days in the dark. When the seedlings are up with 2-4 leaves, you may either continue in the same pot or separate them in individual pots. The seedlings do not have to be separated at all. 

10/3/2017 Rockmelon seedlings

12/3/2017 Rockmelon seedlings with 2 leaves

25/3/2017 Rockmelon Plant transferred to hydroponics system
25/3/2017 Rockmelon plants transferred to hydroponics system

Rockmelon plant root system
25/3/2017 Rockmelon Plant repotted