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Things to note before visiting Bagan

Sharings from Bagan

I think these are pretty important for a new visitor like me after visiting Myanmar. I hope that you read these before embarking on this journey.

  1. Flies and bugs are everywhere, whether you like it or not. Bring a bottle of Citronella essential oil or some lemongrass ointment and make sure you apply before you set foot. 
  2. If you plan to ride an ebike, bring arm sleeves, a sturdy cap (as it will fly off while biking), lots of thanaka or sunblock lotion, long pants, sun glasses to block out the sand.
  3. Arm sleeves for covering your arm from the scorching sun and avoid sunburning your arms
  4. Long pants for preventing the thorns from the side bushes from cutting your legs when you bike your way into all the pagodas
  5. The roads towards the pagodas can be very sandy and there are loose sand in the middle, so you need to ride very carefully.
  6. Wear shoes and shoes only, slippers and sandals can get very loose and trap sand while you ride. Rubber shoes or washable shoes are the best. I wore my Melissa shoes there and it served me well.
  7. Learn a few Burmese greetings that will get your everywhere and make a good impression and bring a smile to the locals. 
  8. The whole Bagan is all about pagodas so if you are not into sightseeing in a village theme, forget about going!
  9. The locals are all very nice and polite people who only look scary and fierce because of the betel nuts that they chew all day.