Review on strollers

During my 8 years of life as a mother, I have been constantly in search of a stroller that best suits me. I have 3 kids, 8, 6 and the youngest at 2. So at any point, I need a stroller that suits me for each child. Once every few months, my husband will hear me ranting about the stroller’s cons, and me going to showrooms and blogs to search for strollers, try out strollers and choosing what is best for each child. As you know, I cannot possibly carry 2 strollers, so a stroller that can fit each and every one of them will be the best, but you know, you cannot always have the best. So here, I share my experience of searching for the stroller that I feel suits me the best.

Capella S22x

What I liked about Capella: It has full features for a newborn and it was great as a stroller.

  1. Full canopy
  2. Reversible handle
  3. Foldable with one hand
  4. Able to stand while folded
  5. Big basket
  6. 2 wheels rotatable
  7. Harness for the baby
  8. Fully reclinable so the baby can sleep lying down flat

What I didn’t like about Capella: It was a bit too heavy for me to carry around and it is pretty big for a small build like me. I didn’t use it often enough as well as I drive and shop indoors most of the time, so I was not even enough exposure to use it. Hence, I sold it away.

Capella Stroller in 2008

Capella stroller


Combi Urban Walker Premium

What I liked about the Combi Urban Walker Premium: Similarly to the Capella stroller, it has all the features that I want. And it is lighter, slightly. It has a full canopy so my daughter was able to be shaded from the sun and rain always. Sometimes, I use the stroller to put my groceries, especially cartons of milk and fruits like watermelon and honeydew. The wheels are very smooth and I can easily maneuver with one hand. The basket also comes with a hard base, so when I put things in, the base does not sink.

What I didn’t like about the Combi Urban Walker Premium: The seat is made of fabric, and kids wear shoes that involve velcro, so if the velcro pulls on the fabric, it actually becomes fluffy. So it kinda looked pretty worn out after the shoes pulled unto the fabric after some time.

Then, I was also thinking of getting something even lighter with similar features, and I chanced upon the Miracle Turn, which is even lighter and has a full canopy. I bring my son to school at 12pm every day and that means full exposure to the SCORCHING sunlight! It became very important to get something of a full canopy.

Combi Miracle Turn

What I liked about the Combi Miracle Turn: It has all the features of a combi urban walker. It is lighter, and folds into half after folding.

What I didn’t like about the Combi Miracle Turn: It has narrower distance between the wheels, which might be in the way when you stroll it. It feels pretty filmsy when it folds into half again after it is folded. It is also smaller, so it can only seat up to 4 years old if your kid is tall. The basket beneath the seat is smaller than that of the Urban Walker, so basically I can only put a medium diaper bag and it will be full. Also, it does not come with a base, so it you put a bottle, for example, the basket will sink.


What I liked about the Goodbaby: Full features as well, but it is more difficult to close as a stroller and require a bit of effort as I need to step on the left and right button in order to fold it.

What I didn’t like about the Goodbaby: The wheels are not very smooth, so when you put heavy things like groceries blah blah blah, you actually need 2 hands to push the stroller. The joints are also pretty stiff, so you need just that bit of energy to push the acessories like the canopy, the seat and all.

Graco Click Connect

Umbrella stroller (Unbranded)

Peg Perego Pliko P3