Review on Karaoke System

Hanson KTV System Review

In 2015, as I was getting more and more used to the lifestyle as a SAHM, I got pretty bored when I was done with all the household chores and the preparation of dinner. 

I came across this KTV system that comes with a monitor and 50,000 songs. Immediately, I started planning my purchase and revamp of my living room to accommodate to the system. Previously, if you have not read, I scrapped the TV idea and installed a projector for my living room. Read here for a review on my projector.

I also bought an amplifier and wireless microphones which allows me to sing from every corner of my house. 

I was able to adjust the pitch and the volume output is just unbelievable, just that I did not soundproof my living room and install airconditioning. 

I am really glad that I have this