Fried Shallots

January 3, 2017 Christina 0

I always fry this as a topping for many dishes. You can usually keep this for 2 weeks in an airtight container. An all-time favourite! Ingredients Shallots, sliced same thickness [….]

Truffle Fries

January 3, 2017 Christina 0

Everytime I order this dish, I will be addicted to the truffle aroma and taste. And I will also be shocked at how much this dish can be. To me, [….]

Mum’s Ngoh Hiang Recipe

January 1, 2017 Christina 0

Ingredients 700g Pork, minced 200g Prawns, minced into small pieces. 6 Water chestnuts, diced into small pieces 3 Shallots, minced 1/4 tsp Pepper 4 tbsps Plain flour 2 tsps Light [….]

Hakka Yam Abacus

December 29, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients Making the yam abacus 300g yam, cubed 100g tapioca flour 60g hot water For cooking with the yam abacus 5 shallots, minced 2 tsp minced garlic 300g minced pork [….]

Ngoh Hiang

December 24, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients Fish meat, minced Pork, minced Prawns, minced Beancurd skin, dried Water chestnuts Spring onions Shallots Sesame Oil Cornstarch with water Method Mix all ingredients together and add seasonings. Be [….]

Korean Kimchi

December 21, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients Preparing the cabbage 6 pounds of cabbage 1/2 cup sea salt Preparing the marinade 2 cups water 2 tbsp sweet rice flour (glutinous rice flour) 2 tbsp brown sugar [….]

Sweet and Sour Pork

December 14, 2016 Christina 0

This dish is made up of the sauce and popcorn chicken (see recipe here). You can also use this sauce for fish and seafood.  Ingredients 200g pork loin, cut into [….]

Hakka Glutinous Rice Wine

December 14, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients 1 kg Glutinous rice 3 spicy wine yeast 辣酒饼 2 sweet wine yeast 甜酒饼 3 tbsp red wine yeast 红曲 (if you want to yield red wine instead of [….]

Nonya Achar

December 14, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients 3 tbsps Rempah (Recipe available here) 1 cup white rice vinegar 1½ cups water 2 cups sugar (400 g) For blanching 2 cups white rice vinegar 2 cups water [….]

Fried Pork Lard Cubes

December 13, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients Pork Fats (any amount will do) Salt Method Cut into cubes. Marinate with salt. Turn on stove and put cubes in. Do not add any other kinds of oil.


December 13, 2016 Christina 0

Ingredients 10 dried chillies, soaked in water and cut to small pieces 8 fresh red chillies 8 candlenuts (usually found in the dried goods stall in markets) 3 garlic cloves 15 [….]