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Myanmar June 2016

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I think these are pretty important for a new visitor like me after visiting Myanmar. I hope that you read these before embarking on this journey.Flies and bugs are everywhere, whether you like it or not. Bring a bottle of Citronella essential oil or some lemongrass ointment and make sure you apply before you set […]

Myanmar June 2016

Day 3 Exploring Bagan 24 June 2016

This morning, we went to Shweleik Too Pagoda for the sunrise. So at 4 am, we woke up, rode the ebike in the dark and went to the pagoda that we feel that will not be crowded as we did not want to squeeze with the rest of the crowd. As this is the low […]

Myanmar June 2016, Trips

Day 2: Yangon to Bagan 23 June 2016

We reached Bagan at 5am in the morning and will be checking into our hotel Aung Mingular before venturing out. This will be a one night stay as we will be taking the overnight bus service to back to Yangon tomorrow night. So effectively, we have 2D1N in Bagan. And we shall treasure it!Upon reaching […]

Yangon International Airport
Myanmar June 2016

Day 1: Myanmar trip 22 June 2016

Finally the first trip in many decades, we decided to travel to Myanmar on our backpacks. For all the fees we paid for the individual journeys, I will state it below for your referenceWe have reached the Yangon international airport! ┬áThis was the view when we were landing, they have deliberately built this at the […]