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Nyonya Fish Curry Kapitan 娘惹咖喱鱼

In the previous recipe, I made Nyonya Chicken Curry Kapitan. Last week, I went to Prime Supermarket and bought a whole Batang fish. They fillet the whole fish but cut the tail into pieces as it will be difficult to fillet at the end. So this time, I made some changes and used fish instead […]


Seafood with Homemade Sambal Belachan

Ingredients300g prawns1 squid2-3 stalks of spring onion2 tbsp sambal belachan (See recipe here)1 yellow onion (optional) MethodHeat up some oil in a wok.Put in onions and stir fry till fragrant.Put in squid and prawns and fry till half cooked.Drop in 2 tbsp of sambal belachan and stir till coated evenly.Serve.