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One Dish Meals

Dumpling Tofu Noodle Soup

Ingredients1 cup Fish or Pork broth1 litre Water1/2 Tofu2 pieces Dried Beancurd2 bunches Spinach Phuay Leng1 tbsp Fried shallots2-3 Dumplings MethodAdd frozen soup broth and water in a pot and boil.Add dumplings.When dumplings start to float, add noodles, tofu, beancurd and spinach and turn off the heat.Top with fried shallots.Serve hot.┬áIf you are not eating […]


Baby Bak Choy in Shallot Oil

This is one of the favourite simple that I cook in just 5 minutes. First of all, I do not have to pick the stems like spinach, I just simply cut off the bottom. No additional seasoning required and stir frying it will be crispy to add on to a meal. Healthy and delicious!