Pineapple Tarts 黄梨塔

January 16, 2017 Christina 0

Ingredients 400g Plain flour 50g Corn flour (not corn starch) 1/4 tsp Salt 280g Unsalted butter, hard 3 Egg yolks, beaten 3 tbsp Cold water (or iced water) 6 tbsp [….]

Truffle Fries

January 3, 2017 Christina 0

Everytime I order this dish, I will be addicted to the truffle aroma and taste. And I will also be shocked at how much this dish can be. To me, [….]

Homemade Eco Enzyme Cleaner

December 31, 2016 Christina 0

This is the recipe of homemade eco enzyme. It can be used for fertiliser, facial cleanser, table wipes, washing dishes and many more.  Ingredients 100g Brown sugar 300g Orange and [….]