Bandung, Indonesia 21 July 2016

I'm here in Bandung, Jakarta. Fortunately for a trusted driver, and I feel so safe travelling with him, Dani. It has been almost 9 years since I last came to Jakarta. And I used to come almost once a week for business. Those days were memorable when I work with more than 60 staff for the development of an online ecommerce site.

These are the list of foods that we want to bring back.

  1. Satay at Puri indah
  2. Bika Ambon
  3. Kueh lapis
  4. Embing manis
  5. Keropok

We past by a roadside restaurant which looked pretty authentic. Cost: IDR 320000.








Then we went to Champelas Walk which is an open concept kind of shopping mall that is surrounded with trees and the natural wind breeze. We went to the supermarket and bought 700000 worth of medicated oils and shampoo!  


After all the shopping, we went to check in at The 1O1 Bandung Dago. The exterior of the hotel looks very rustic and resort. Cost: IDR 590000



We booked our 9pm massage at Zen and left for satay again!

Here we are at Warung Sate Sidareja Pak Gino, famous for their sate (satay). We had quite a feast of satay, which are cooked over firewood I heard. The sauce mix was very interesting and it blended so well with the satay. This shop is located just beside the railway tracks so you can actually hear the railway while having your meal. Pretty interesting. Cost: IDR 22000


Our massage was so good and it was only IDR18000 for 1.5 hours. Definitely worth it and a must go at the end of each day! The only bad thing that will deter me from going back is the service of the receptionist. They were hurrying to go back home as we were the last customers so they were not really keen when we wanted to book another appointment for the next day. 

More places to go tomorrow!

  1. Ciater hot spring
  2. Famous delicious noodle soup breakfast
  3. Famous durian pancake snack of Bandung
  4. Mountain sightseeing
  5. Elizabeth chendol
  6. Prima rasa for snacks
  7. Holland Bakery for Kue lapis