Bandung, Indonesia 22 July 2016

We were so tired after the massage yesterday and started our day at 1030am. 

We decided to stay another night in Bandung as there was simply too much to explore than Jakarta. So we extended another night stay at The 1O1 Bandung Hotel Dago. Cost: IDR550,000

Headed straight to a local noodle stall recommended by our driver. Cost: IDR200,000


After brunch we went for surabi, a kind of pancake made traditionally with firewood and claypot. 


Beside it is a very nicely decorated theme bar. We bought coffee and Juice Jerok before setting off to the mountains.

It was an hour travel up to the mountainous area in Lembang. It felt like travelling up to Genting from Singapore. 

Although we booked our massage downtown already, we were pretty sure that we will go for a massage anytime when we are up there.

We passed by a parade that was held in celebration of the first day of kindergarten school here in Lembang.

 There is an entrance leading to the mountains and we have to pay an entrance fee. The driver told them we were from Jakarta and we paid IDR85,000. If we were foreigners, we had to pay IDR500,000.

 The ride up is about 15 mins and pretty steep. Together with the weather, the view was simply picturesque! 

 We walked down the streets which I presume are more for tourists.

On our way down we passed by this hot spring where we were able to hike down the trail to the bottom and have a dip. Cost: IDR150,000

We have a guide to bring us down and they offer massage services by using the ‘mud’ from the volcano. So we can actually dip our feet into the pools of natural sulphur measuring about 90 degrees Celsius.

  At the end of the whole trip, we were left hungry and tired. 


Not forgetting our massage before we sleep for the night. 

And after massage we went for a roadside stall satay. Gluttons!


Tomorrow will be our trip back to Jakarta, dinner with friends!