Bandung Jakarta 23 July 2016

This morning we decided to have a good breakfast in a hotel. Our hotel is located in the city so it would not have a good view. Looking at Tripadvisor we decided on Padma Hotel that was ranked No.1.

We reached the hotel in about 10 mins. The breakfast is IDR150,000++, which amounts up to IDR180,000. It’s about 70,000 more expensive than that in our hotel but it comes with a view and serves traditional local Indonesia food. Makes it totally worth it! 

They serve kids menu so the kids will totally love it. There was also a big pool so kids can enjoy their play here. 

On the way out of Bandung we stopped at a local snacks street where we could stock up on our snacks back home. I found my Jahe Special 61 ginger candy which costs me more than when I was at the Tangkuban Perahu.

I reckon the snacks will be more expensive as it is the last stop before getting out of Bandung.

Bandung is a very localised area visited mainly by their people. It’s like Malaysians visiting Genting and Koreans visiting Jeju.

Upon reaching Jakarta we first went in search of the famous Sate Ayam Hj Umar located in the residential vicinity in Kembangan. When we reached they were not opened yet but 10 mins later the customer crowd slowly started queuing to order. We ordered 40 sticks to try out. The marinade sauce is very strong and the meat is tender. It is considerably cheap compared to the ones we had in Bandung. We gladly ordered 400 sticks to bring back. Cost: IDR20,000 (10 sticks)

 After that we went to try another store supposedly famous. 10 sticks of Ayam sate cost IDR20,000, while 10 sticks of Kambing sate cost IDR40,000. 

Later on, I met a friend for dinner and he brought us to various places where I used to eat. Unfortunately due to the holiday season, the ones that I used to go to were still not opened yet. I remember I used to frequent Bihun Bebek PIK and Chng Tng. So we went to another famous Fried Kway Teow stall. The good thing is the wok is heated by charcoal. 



 Next we went to the ‘Dempsey of Jakarta’, very nice colonial buildings which are all restaurants. The place was supposedly a dead town for about 4 years before a shop named Tekko opened there and got the place crowded. Soon after, many eateries and restaurants open along the whole street.

Since we could not have our Chng tng, we went to Sate Khaas Senayan to have chendol.

Then we finally get to check into our hotel. As we went through shortcut to get to The Packer Lodge, we passed by side roads and streets which were experiencing a blackout so we were very afraid of returning to our hotel if we took Uber. 

Hence we dropped the idea of checking in. We went to book another hotel nearby The Hotel Santika Premiere Harum Waruk. Cost: IDR790,000

When we saw the hotel we were SO glad that we made the choice. My friend suggested that we could have a masseur coming to our room by this service call GoMassage. They also have various services that helps users to buy food, and even household items. He got us 2 masseurs to come at 12am for a massage of 2 hours. Cost: IDR200,000

 I must say this service is really good as the masseurs had pretty good massage techniques. This app GoJek is also very beneficial for those who cannot travel far from the East to West for food. Very useful!