Jakarta 24 July 2016

This morning I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Pretty good as they serve some local traditional dishes. I’m a sucker at the words ‘local’ and ‘traditional’.

After passing by PIK, we moved on to Muara Karang to have Nasi Padang. Owner is a local Chinese and we were glad to speak Mandarin there. We bought their homemade chilli mix and sweetened potato chips. Cost: IDR675,000

As we wanted to buy their local Kecap Manis, which is like tomato sauce but in black colour, we went back to Hero supermarket in Puri Indah Mall. 

Next we went to pick up our 400 satay sticks from the satay stall to pack into our luggage. 

We went also to another hyper mart to look for a peanut candy but could not find it. 

To avoid being in a jam, we were also told to leave an hour earlier, so we can be sure to reach in time. Time in Jakarta is never predictable.  

This marks the end of our 4D3N trip in Bandung and Jakarta. I plan to explore more cities in Indonesia as their food and culture are all rich and authentic.