Pasaraya Smart in Johor Bahru

For those who are in the Kota Tinggi area, you may want to head to this big supplier mart Pasaraya Smart.

It’s very similar to Bestmart in Bukit Indah area but it’s nearer to Woodlands checkpoint. I wanted to get some bamboo for the plants and did not want to travel all the way up to Tuas. Hence this will be a good place to get what you want.
There is fruits section where you see the abundance, and I really mean abundance of fruits.

All types of chicken, mainly kampung chicken.

If you want to grab a bite, you may do so at the food centre in the middle of the whole mart.

The usual cannot stop by shop, where I will definitely end up with something.

Honestly, it looks abit like what I have seen in Myanmar, which is far from the shopping malls like KSL City and Bukit Indah shopping mall. Visit someday and see for yourself!