Day 10 (26 Mar 2014) How to sleep comfortably

Zoe hasn’t been sleeping consistently like she does in the morning ever since she came home. So everyday we were wondering what the problem could be. One of the reason could be colic since she cries nonstop but we resolved that to be diaper rash. So yesterday while talking the confinement lady we gathered that she might not like my bed. Now she is co – sleeping with me on my bed so apparently she can smell me and my bed which unsettles her and makes her want to root for me, either for milk or comfort. Yesterday night she kept rooting for me and my nipples got a bit sore due to latching for long periods of time. It can be tiring if you are seated and painful if you are lying down.
So what the confinement lady did was to let her sleep with her on her bed instead of mine, and she lasted the same as in the morning…Phew! I’m glad we sorted that out and hopefully tonight is going to be the same.


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