Day 11 (27 Mar 2014) Correcting sleep position

Every morning after the 2 kids go to school I have world peace. Moreover Zoe wakes up every 3 hours for feed, I can then have ample rest during her sleep times.
Yesterday my nanny told me to buy this Chinese pills which are only available in traditional medical halls. Fortunately for me i am able to get all the herbs and medicine she requires from the medical hall near my house. Thank God! I recommend all mummies eat those for the whole of confinement month. It is called “苏合丸” (su1 he1 wan2) and available in big and small pills like “保济丸” (bao3 ji4 wan2) known to relieve wind and they specifically mention also for confinement mummies. It costs $28 for a box of 10. Even in future when you or your kids feel bloaty, pop half a packet and they will start passing gas.

Last night my confinement nanny and I might have found the reason to why she was making noises for the past few nights. My wall fan blows from left to right and every time it passes her face she feels cold and uncomfortable. Hence she does not like it. So we fixed the fan at a position so that air is circulated from the same point. Finally she maintained her sleep schedule last night. So from tonight onwards we will use the same method until further changes.
My postnatal massage will end tomorrow as she says that my womb recovery is very good. For the 1st 2 days when she massaged the womb it feels painful and uncomfortable. After the 3rd day the womb seemed to have soften a lot and I was able to really suck in my tummy. Hence I concluded that for my first 2 pregnancies, I did not go meet a good massage lady to handle my postnatal housekeeping.


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