Day 12 (28 Mar 2014) Newborn photoshoot by ChubbyFeet

Last night both my confinement nanny and I had a bad time from 11 to 1 am. Baby couldn’t sleep, kept making noises and wanting to root, but if I nurse she kept pulling at the nipple. Finally at 2.30am she managed to sleep till 6.30am. After some discussion we realised that it was due to a difficult burp that she couldn’t get out of her.
This afternoon was a busy one for Zoe as I have taken up a photoshoot for her. According to the photographer, the best time to take newborn shoot is between 7-16days when they will just sleep all day. (Does it mean that on 17th day I am gonna be crazy as Zoe won’t be sleeping that much? We’ll see.) My nanny said that this photographer is more professional than the one she saw at another mummy’s house cos this one has the light diffuser and props. I hope the photos turn out nice. Everyone is a newborn once in a lifetime.
I was visited by Sheena who came all the way from Serangoon gardens. It’s really nice to have people visiting you once in a while though I was really tired. Thanks!

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