Day 14 (30 Mar 2014) High fever

Today I got a high fever 39.2°C and was down as I felt my whole body aching, my head spinning and aching. My nanny then told me to eat the painkiller that was prescribed by the hospital and wrap myself in the blanket to force the perspiration out. Once my clothes become wet, I have to change to another to prevent from catching a cold. I did that and my whole body was running perspiration while I breastfeed. My right breast was hurting so much I could not even touch it. It was not hard to start with but it definitely felt bruised. So I have to bear with the pain again and resolve by expressing some milk out from the breast, hoping to clear some blocked ducts. Even lunch was a killer. Immediately I went back to rest and continued nursing whenever required. By late noon I was back to normal. It was actually due to a blocked duct. So in future I will have to make sure I massage the breast and clear the passage before I breastfeed. Feeding from the left breast has always been a breeze. So now I have uneven breasts. Lol…


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