Day 25 (10 Apr 2014) Growth spurt!

Today I was in desperation of need to make sure my baby doesn’t cry after a full feed. The only thing that works is stuffing her mouth with my breast. I am really thankful for having Facebook as a platform for doubts that u have as as breastfeeding mum. I asked around for tips and how to handle a 3 week old baby. Many replies and help came my way, which helped a lot as I realise alot of mummies were or are in the same situation as I am and have overcomed it.
This period is known as growth spurt period where baby practically nurses around the clock and at any time. So the whole schedule that the nanny was wanting to create was all messed up in just a day. So I simply nursed Zoe last night.
Even so, I found a pre loved sarong bouncer to handmedown from a friend. Hope that I do not need to use that though. If she can sleep on the bed I think I’m quite good with that.
Today nanny passed me a feedback form to write to pass to the agency which reminds me that she will be leaving next Tuesday. Oh my! Can I handle the stress? I would need to bathe, massage, cook and tidy the house. I’m like a full time maid now. I hope I can do the job well.
Got the printout from Botak sign for the baby shower. I’m really impressed with the work of the photographer ChubbyFeet.

Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?


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