Day 37 (22 Apr 2014) Hep B 2nd dose

Today is Zoe first vaccination ever since she was discharged. The business at polyclinic is ever so prosperous, so crowded with people. Fortunately for newborns I heard the queue is much faster. Maybe cos not many newborns go to the polyclinic. But vaccinations require for primary 1 is free, so why not?
We went for our registration and we’re greeted by friendly nurse who took her weight and development like head circumference and length. Her weight is 50th percentile at 3.415kg, her length at 25th percentile and her head circumference at 75th percentile. Her gain is average and I’m glad enough to know since my 2 previous breastfeeding attempts failed.
We were also told that she still had a bit of jaundice which would require a blood test since she us already 1 month old. So we queued for around 15 mins for the blood test. The nurse pricked her foot and let the blood flow to about 20 ml for testing and we will have to visit the polyclinic again this Friday. All the best !
Breastfeeding in sleepywrap can be a bliss sometimes. But the many layers can make it pretty hot for me and baby. Here’s a photo of my wrap. It will be good for air conditioned places.


Received a brochure from Carpe Diem inviting parents to visit Bukit Timah Primary School. Time is getting near and sometime in July I will be queuing in the school for balloting. Although Pei Hwa is a good school which is desired by everyone to get into, I am actually more keen in schools that can develop the good character in them rather than academically. Though I say that, I’m still stressed over Zac’s spelling and 听写 every week. I guess I got to take it slow.

Zann has a fever today but she is always ever willing to draw and play rather than watch TV. This is a shot I took while they were playing.


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