Day 39 (24 Apr 2014) Start of 6th week

I am finally able to get a breather from the whole day fussing. Just when I thought growth spurt at 4th week is over, the start of 6th week shows signs of a growth spurt again. Nothing works. From swinging to rocking to swinging and rocking and patting all at the same time, she just kept yelling as if she was in pain. Every hour she just seems to be latching and after every feed, she pooed. After every poo she starts to root for the breast again.. This can really be frustrating. So out of desperation, I went to Facebook and asked mummies who are breastfeeding. One mummy told me that she actually swaddle her babies till they were about 3 months old. So while feeding Zoe halfway, I unlatched her and swaddled her. She fell asleep in 3 minutes!
I don’t know whether it is because she has already fed enough or its just the swaddling but I noticed that she startles quite often even when she was feeding. Hence I did the swaddling.
FINALLY! Took a picture with 1 hand already escaping from the swaddle. Oh no she is fidgeting now…. bye for now!


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