Confinement Food

It is important to consume confinement and go through confinement in my opinion. Confinement food is for the mothers after giving birth, it helps with the healing of the body and mind of the mothers.

Confinement Food, Soups

Double Boil Chicken Herbal Wine (DOM and XO Martell)

Ingredients1 chicken thigh, deskinned and cut into pieces1 rice bowl of DOM1/2 rice bowl of XO Martell1/2 rice bowl water1-2 pieces dang gui1-2 pieces ginger slice MethodPour boiling water over chicken pieces and set aside for 3 mins to remove the blood of the parts.Put all ingredients into double boiler.Cook for 3 hours.Important. Drink immediately […]

Confinement Food, Poultry

Stir Fry Ginger Sesame Chicken

Ingredients5 slices of ginger, cut into thin strips3 tbsp sesame oil300g chicken, cut into pieces50ml water2 tbsp light soya saucea dash of rock sugar, blended MethodHeat up sesame oil under medium heat. Then add ginger strips and fry till fragrant.Add chicken pieces and cook on both sides till about 80% cooked.Add light soya sauce and […]

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Hakka Glutinous Rice Wine

Ingredients1 kg Glutinous rice3 spicy wine yeast 辣酒饼2 sweet wine yeast 甜酒饼3 tbsp red wine yeast 红曲 (if you want to yield red wine instead of yellow)This is a type of beverage that I always like to drink, and also use for one of my favourite dish – Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken 糯米黄酒鸡. See recipe […]

Confinement Food, Poultry

Glutinous Wine Chicken

Ingredients Glutinous rice wine, enough to cover the chicken parts. (click here for recipe)I made this wine myself as it is illegal to sell wine here without license, it is not easy to buy. I used to buy from this lady who makes it at home but find that it is too diluted. Hence I […]