DIY Greenhouse

Recently I started to like gardening and together with my neighbour, we started our own gardens outside our flats. In order to protect some of the germinating seeds, it would be good to keep them in a greenhouse. One option would be to buy a small greenhouse from Ikea (see below).

It would be a good choice if you only have a few plants to put in. But some plants might require protection when they are slightly bigger as well so I thought might as well just start doing a greenhouse of my own. This idea is not exactly a greenhouse but it serves more like a protected area for those plants who need. 

In order to box up the spaces, I chose acrylic panels as they are easy to drill holes into and attach to the metal shelving that I originally did. I customised the panels from China and shipped them in. Basically I would need 2 panels at the side, 2 for front and back, and 2 for top and bottom. For the top I will choose to leave it removable to take out the plants.