Parent-Child Bonding Games

Every child is a genius

Develop your child's innate ability from birth

All babies are geniuses at birth. Newborn babies has absorption capacity. The earlier, the more and better the absorption is. The best time for the baby to absorb starts from 0 to 3 years old. This is the time when they are able to understand and accept whatever educational stimuli they are given, no matter the difficulty. Not only can they remember the educational stimuli, their memory of images is as clear as our high definition television. Strong linguistics acquisition and social skills at this age, if provided with the adequate environment, the baby grows up in an information rich and suitable environment, with a scientific and accurate method of education and training. And parents are the best people to provide this intellectual and physical experience to help the baby grow. 

0 - 6 Months

Baby's First Touch

7 - 12 Months

First Independence

12 - 18 Months

Little Adults

18 - 24 Months

Unique Individuals

24 - 30 Months

Understanding Me

30 - 36 Months

Linguistics Devils