Choosing an oven

Recently I’m crazy over a kitchen machine. And I think it’s because I just bought a decent oven.
For the longest time I have been using a tabletop oven. If you ask me, I went with Iona GL380. Good and heats up fast with functions that can do pizzas, baked rice, baked chicken and wings.
But as I’m running out of table space I yearn for a built in oven. Well of course I plan to do better than that.

So I have been craving for macaroons ever since I tried my friend’s, who has plans to start a business in Malaysia. And my current oven is disgusting from the look on the inside and I just can’t research a good way to give it a good clean.

As I was planning to get a new oven, I wanted a built in such that I get more table space for other things. I went online to search for reviews of the various ovens. Most recommended brands are Ariston, Bosch and Brandt and there does not seem to have many other posts on choosing an oven recently. So I just basically zoomed into these 3 brands.

For Brandt, the price is higher than the other two and I was not planning on spending alot for my oven so I skipped this brand totally. Zooming down to Bosch and Ariston, the usual reviews I have heard about Ariston are it’s after sales service and I thought to myself that if the oven is working fine, why do I even have to resort to calling the after sales service. but still the functions of the Ariston is what I have also wanted… the rotisserie. It is always nice to have a chicken turning in your oven, just looks so warm.

After much calls, I was told that I have to go down to their warehouse as they have no idea what is in their warehouse for sale and the prices that the items are going for. (duh!) So after many calls and reading online, I went down to Mayer (distributor for Ariston ovens) to have a look. They are located at Excalibur Centre, just opposite the factory I used to work in. There are 3 service staff, and I don’t know why there are there for since the lines are always not connected for the sales hotline. Maybe they are doing telemarketing or accounts at the front desk. They also have a warehouse at Level 8 where they showcase their return products, or display/demo sets returned to them. I wanted to see if I have any chance of getting the oven I want at a cheaper price since I do not mind a display set. I don’t suppose for ovens, they demo in Courts or Best Denki. Level 8 is a very hot unit where there is no aircon or even ventilation and it’s really the classic warehouse that I am referring to. And the models there are pretty outdated, and my question to the warehouse manager there was why they were not able to put their models online so that other people like us can see and purchase immediately without going through the trouble to go down all the way since I was going down all the way from Toh Yi (West side). Well, I don’t think they have the time, the people and the effort to do that.


Specifications of Ariston oven FH52

  • 5 cooking programs:
    .Upper heating
    .gratin(fan grill)
    .fast cooking
    .low temperature (meat, fish,vegetables)
  • Tangential ventilation
  • Rotisserie (I like!)
  • Thermostat control
  • Oven accessories: dripping tray and grid
  • Energy efficiency: Class A

And that was where I spotted a Kitchenaid! A pink one in fact, which I have no fancies over, but that was the only 1 choice, what choice do I have? So my attention was totally on the Kitchenaid as I also wanted to get a mixer for my kitchen. The retail price in Best Denki and Courts is $699 and the set was going for $499 with a small scratch and 6 months warranty instead of 1 year! GRAB!

So I ended up with a Kitchenaid instead of an Ariston oven. Was pretty disappointed as no one in Mayer was bothered to even talk to me about their appliances. Guess their products just sell by itself.

One thing I do not like about this oven is that it does not come with bottom heat function. I find that quite a must. So I became more inclined towards getting a Bosch oven and the model I was looking at is HBN331E2J. I went for Parisilk sale and it was going at $630. Best Denki was selling at $749 and I contacted this guy who was recommended in online forums and he quoted $620. Deal done! This guy called Jerome was pretty experience as he asked me some questions pertaining to the installation of my oven. He also has contacts to fix the oven for me and if need be, install an electrical point. Convenient, cheap and good! Recent stock for the oven comes with triple layered door, instead of double layer.


Specifications of Bosch Oven HBN331E2J

  • 5 Heating method:
    3D hot air
    – Bottom heat
    – Top and bottom heat
    – Full width variable grill
    Hot air grilling
  • Extra large 67 litre capacity (even better than Ariston oven)
  • Energy efficiency class: A-20%Features
  • Triple glass door
  • Heating up indicatorDesign
  • Basic control knobs
  • Electronic clock
  • Basic bar handle
  • Grey enamel oven interior
  • Oven interior light
  • 4 shelf positions
  • Drop down doorSafety functions
  • Childproof lock
  • Maximum window temperature 50° C
  • Integral cooling fan

And this is how my oven looks like after I removed my original Ikea drawers to fit the oven.


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