Toilet Renovation

My current toilet condition

Few months ago, I started thinking of renovating my toilets. When I bought my house, I did not do any renovation to the toilets, as they will still in usable condition. The floors and the walls in the bathrooms were coated with a chemical which saves me the hassle of cleaning the grout lines. Hence, I was pretty happy with the condition, thinking I can save up some work. Cleaning the grout lines can be a pain in the ass. With the chemical coating, the floors are also less slippery which was safer for the kids. 

About a year ago, 4 years after staying in the house, the coating started to crack. From what I understand, it will crack once you drop something on it. As it was used by the kids, it became more vulnerable. And once it cracked, there is this tiny opening where liquid can seep in and stay there, making it mouldy and smelly after some time. Hence we decided to scrap the coating off. It was not an easy task as the coating was pretty sharp and can cut if you are not careful with it. 

The thought of renovating the toilets was in my mind ever since. 

Toilet Renovation Q&As

Where do I start with the renovation of my bathrooms?

  1. Do I want the theme of the bathrooms to sync with the rest of the house?
  2. What theme do I want for my bathrooms?
    • Scandinavian
    • Industrial
    • Modern
    • Contemporary
    • Classic
  3. Do I want a vanity for my bathroom?
  4. What material do I want for the vanity?
    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Acryllic
    • Stainless steel
  5. Do I want a mirror cabinet or just a mirror? What material?
    • Stainless steel
    • Wood
    • Acryllic
  6. What kind of enclosure do I want for my shower area?
    • Shower curtain
      • There will be a pole above running from wall to wall and the curtain hangs from the pole.
    • Shower screen
      • This is a fixed panel of glass that runs only half the distance from wall to wall, mainly just preventing some of the water from splashing to the dry area. 
    • Shower glass door
      • Half of the area from wall to wall will be fixed panel, leaving a door entrance to the wet area. This allows minimum water to splash to the dry area.
    • Shower sliding door
      • Half of the area from wall to wall will be fixed panel, leaving a door sliding to one side when you enter. Some feedback that some water may flow out to the dry area as the joint for the sliding door is always not very tight.
    • Panel (like the ones used for the toilets in shopping malls)
      • This functions like the glass shower screen, just that its in waterproof wood panel. 
  7. What kind of separation between the wet and dry area?
    • Full shower kerb
      • This is a kerb between the dry and wet area that runs from wall to wall. When walking from the dry to wet area, you will need to step in. Water will not flow to the dry area.
    • Half shower kerb
      • This is a kerb between the dry and wet area that runs only half the distance from wall to wall, usually stopping at the end of shower screen. When you walk from the dry to the wet area, there will not be a step. Water may flow to the dry area.
    • Drop shower area
      • The whole shower area will be dropped, meaning its a step down from the dry area. This way, the water will not flow to the dry area.
    • No shower kerb, levelled floor throughout
      • Water may flow throughout the whole bathroom, if there is no shower screen. 
  8. Do I want to change the windows?
    • Louvred windows
      • A few panels of glass where you tilt it, usually comes in silver or brown and require extra work to coat it other colours
    • Casement windows
      • Only has one panel where you open out
  9. What kind of doors do I want for the bathrooms?
    • Swing door
      • Wooden
      • Glass
    • Sliding door 
      • Wooden
      • Glass
    • Swing and Slide door
      • PD Door - slide exactly halfway and swing to one side
      • Swing and Slide door - slide any distance and swing to one side







Toilet Renovation Ideas from Websites

I started looking at a lot of websites for ideas on how to renovate the toilets and the types of renovation I would require for the toilets.

These are some of the websites you can refer to for ideas.

  1. Pinterest