Recipes using fish / prawns / squid / crabs as an ingredient


Black Pepper Crayfish Entirely Homemade!

When my husband and I saw crayfish available at our usual fish stall, our eyes lit up. We have been looking for new varieties of seafood to cook in the kitchen. But the problem was that I do not know how to cook up the black pepper sauce. My husband wants me to use ready […]


Nyonya Fish Curry Kapitan 娘惹咖喱鱼

In the previous recipe, I made Nyonya Chicken Curry Kapitan. Last week, I went to Prime Supermarket and bought a whole Batang fish. They fillet the whole fish but cut the tail into pieces as it will be difficult to fillet at the end. So this time, I made some changes and used fish instead […]


Curry Fish Head

Ingredients1 Fish head1 Onion1-2 Tomatoes1 Brinjal1-2 packets Curry fish paste (Ibrahim brand)2 cups Water2 tbsp Yogurt (or Coconut Milk) MethodFry brinjal and put aside.Steam fish head for 15-20 mins or until the fish head is about 80% cooked.Heat up some oil in a wok.Stir fry onions for about 3 mins.Add fish paste and water. Once it […]


Seafood with Homemade Sambal Belachan

Ingredients300g prawns1 squid2-3 stalks of spring onion2 tbsp sambal belachan (See recipe here)1 yellow onion (optional) MethodHeat up some oil in a wok.Put in onions and stir fry till fragrant.Put in squid and prawns and fry till half cooked.Drop in 2 tbsp of sambal belachan and stir till coated evenly.Serve.

Eggs, Seafood

Onion Prawns Omelette

The aroma of eggs has always been one of the most fulfilling of all, this time with onions and prawns, which further enhances the taste. With minimal seasoning, one can easily dish this in minutes. Best with plain rice or porridge.


Steamed Soy Sauce Grouper

One of my favourites! Get a fresh fish from the wet market and do it the same night, I promise you this is a heavenly dish. Light marinade sauce, easy cooking and easy to remember steps. Ever since I manage to try this particular new wet market stall that sell fresher seafood, this dish is […]

One Dish Meals, Seafood

Seafood Tomato Cream Pasta

Ingredients (Serves 2)4-6 prawns (frozen or fresh)1/2 squid (cleaned and cut)1 big tomato (cut into small cubes)dried parsley leaves (fresh also ok)cream or milk (your own preference)parmesan cheeseseafood or prawn stockMarinade2 tsp light soy sauce¼ tsp dark soy sauce½ tsp sugar1 tsp shaoxing wine ( I used glutinous rice wine, which I ferment myself.)¼ tsp […]