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Festive, One Dish Meals

Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Ingredients¬†2 kg glutinous rice, soaked for 2 hours and drained.¬†24 Chinese mushrooms, soaked80 bamboo leaves, washed and wiped dry240g winter melon, cut into small cubes.2 kg minced meat or belly pork (I prefer belly pork as the texture is better.)16 cloves garlic, minced8 big onions, minced4 tbsp dark soya sauce4-8 tsp coriander powder MethodPreparing the […]

Meat, Side Dishes

Ngoh Hiang

IngredientsFish meat, mincedPork, mincedPrawns, mincedBeancurd skin, driedWater chestnutsSpring onionsShallotsSesame OilCornstarch with water MethodMix all ingredients together and add seasonings.Be sure to clean the beancurd skin with a damp cloth as it will be salty on both sides.Use a spoon and scoop the mixture unto your beancurd skin and roll it once.¬†Dip your fingers into the […]


Seafood with Homemade Sambal Belachan

Ingredients300g prawns1 squid2-3 stalks of spring onion2 tbsp sambal belachan (See recipe here)1 yellow onion (optional) MethodHeat up some oil in a wok.Put in onions and stir fry till fragrant.Put in squid and prawns and fry till half cooked.Drop in 2 tbsp of sambal belachan and stir till coated evenly.Serve.