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20 Feb-Zac’s present to me

Today Zac was quietly in his bedroom. After 15 mins he came out and showed me this drawing and wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. His story goes like this:”This is a birthday cake for you. It is raining and we are at a river. The rain put off the fire and everything fell unto the grass.”

The kids

A new school

It has been 2 months since I changed their school and Zac immediately responded that he preferred the new school when I asked him today. I’m glad he was able to settle well as it may affect his mood in school. Hopefully next year when he goes to primary school he is more mature to […]

The kids

Playing with sand

Playing with sand has always been an enjoyable moment for Zac and Zann. There was once we went to West Coast Park during early January. The breeze was simply unforgettable! And because of that trip, I bought 2 outdoor fishing chairs with cup holder,  determined to bring it every time I go somewhere similar.  I […]