It’s 3 am in the morning and I can’t sleep… Gosh! I’m starting to ramble though, was just looking through my blog and realised that I missed out a lot of blogging on my life and my kids cos I have been too busy with everything from cooking to cleaning to washing to caring for the kids and most importantly, Zoe.

Recently I have been thinking about how to make our lives a better one with the food we take, the things we use and with a neighbour like that, things only get worse… Meaning both of us are finding ways to keep our life as organic as possible. It all started from our shampoo, daily body soap and then went on to laundry, cleaning and now food…

This means everything will be homemade which I don’t mind and saving of the money, though I can’t see where the money went, most likely used to buy stuff which I can’t remember….. 

So anyway I will be posting those recipes that I’m using for my daily necessities, which makes me feel healthy.

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