Jakarta 24 July 2016

Today is our last day in Jakarta before setting off to the airport at 3pm. So we have planned to try breakfast at PIK Bebek Bihun. Chance of Chng tng is gonna be low. And we thought we might just go international for a little while at CentralPark (shopping mall).

Plans were all changed.

We went to Muara Karang, street for Local Chinese food and found a Nasi goreng stall. On top of our orders, they will also put additional dishes on the table. If we do not want to eat them, we just need to leave it on the table and they will not charge for that dish. Upon leaving, we also bought some crackers that were very nice and crispy. 

Photos of brunch

After brunch we left for Puri Indah Mall, attempting to go to the supermarket and look for more local snacks.