‘IKEA’ in Johor Bahru

Recently I went to Aeon Tebrau City and was stopped outside this mall called IndexLivingMall. The minute I stepped in, I think of Ikea. And everything is almost like a replica of the things sold in Ikea, but the quality is very slightly worse than those in Ikea. You can tell from the hinges and the rails of the drawers.

They also have showcases of bedrooms that feature the furniture sold.

They have different sections of furniture for dining, living, bedrooms.

Everything is flat packed and you can easily bring home yourself.

I chanced upon this interesting bedframe which can even store a luggage underneath the bed. The promotion is RM2999 for the bedframe and its structure, the headboard cabinet behind and the wardrobe at the right. I asked the salesman and he said that the wood is from Thailand.

They also sell many small items from stationery holders and household items like plates and pots.

I asked the staff about delivery to Singapore. If you order above RM500, it will be free local delivery within 60km of the location. This is a promotion when I checked. So you might want to check again when you are. If you want them to deliver to Singapore, there will be a 7% GST charge by customs and RM450 delivery fee. 

I think that this is a very good alternative for people who buy furniture from Taobao site where they are not able to see and feel before they buy. Many times I encountever problems when I receive my items from Taobao which would already be too late. 

So check out this mall!

**This is a non-sponsored post. Everything I write is just comments of my own.