Day 20 (5 Apr 2014)

Baby shower has been fixed on 13th Apr Sunday and I chose Chilli Api Catering according to some good reviews online. The dishes that I will be ordering are Kampung Mee Siam, Olive Seafood Fried Rice, Crispy Cutlet with Chicken Floss, Smoked Duck Breast, Seafood Beancurd,  Chicken Ngoh Hiang, Chap Chye, Chocolate cake, Cheng Tng, Lime Juice, Ang Ku Kueh, Red Eggs. Will be posting photos on that day.
Breast milk has kind of stabilised and Zoe somehow knows that I set her 20 mins on each side as she releases it 5 mins before time’s up. I do hear from many mummies to feed on demand for direct latching but since nanny is taking care of her I thought it would be good if she can have a trained schedule (if she can be trained).

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