Day 4 (20 Mar 2014) Engorgement!!

Today I am experiencing engorgement as the body makes more milk for the baby, not knowing how much they need for a start. While the baby starts nursing the body will naturally adjust to their appetite and make the amount of milk that she requires for every feed. Hence I truly believe that EVERY MOTHER HAS MILK.
And with a supportive friend who just lives in my block, I am proud to say that I am really lucky. When I needed help, she came down soon after to help me clear the engorgement. So the method is actually very simple but painful.
If you are experiencing engorgement, do the following before it gets too hard.
1. Sit on a stool or toilet bowl in the toilet.
2. Face down and let your breasts fall naturally (like a cow).
3. Use a hot towel and wrap that side that you are working on.
4. With 2 hards, SQUEEZE HARD from above the breast all the way to the nipple. This is manually expressing the milk while clearing the blockage. Do not just express the milk. Cos more importantly is to get rid of the hard part of the breast.

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