Day 8 (24 Mar 2014) First Visit to the Pediatrician

Today we have an appointment with the pediatrician to for a checkup to see if jaundice has improved. Frankly I don’t find a need to go as the doctor basically does the same as confinement nannies and my confinement nanny could already tell from her development that the jaundice is improving. She even told me that the pediatrician will prescribe a kind of powder for the belly button so as to dry it thoroughly and it can be bought from the pharmacy at $4 instead of $30 from the clinic. So, as expected, the pediatrician prescribed that and I rejected, telling him that I have some which was passed to me by my friend. Can tell that his facial expression sank a little. Less money earned.. overall it was a fast consultation costing $53.50, pretty reasonable considering its a private practice.
Last night I did a little search on the vaccination rates and realised that I will be paying so much more if I go to a pediatrician for vaccinations. Literally 10 times more. Yes. So I have decided to go to a polyclinic for vaccinations for Baby Zoe.

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Today is also my first day of postnatal massage. For prenatal massage I have been using Mdm Izah’s services, which I find really good of all the ones I have used so far and she does home visits. Today binding also starts, nowadays people don’t use jamu anymore due to the messiness. The massage can be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to the womb part but it will help the womb contract faster and neater.

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