Day 9 (25 Mar 2014) On the Road to Recovery

After 6 hours of binding yesterday, my stomach feels much softer. According to the therapist, we can do the massage as long as before 6 weeks. After 6 weeks the womb would already have contracted itself. The purpose of the massage is to allow the womb to contract faster and neater. Hopefully it can also get some blood clots out of the body.
My episiotomy wound seems to have healed, due to the nutritious soups that I had for the past week, I’m not bleeding as much and can see some clots coming out.
My breasts are in good condition, milk is always enough for baby for now (not sure when her growth spurt will come though).
Zoe is on a 3 hourly feeding schedule which i would consider very good for a newborn, given that she gained 50g per day. Night feeds are still not stable as she seems to be in discomfort whenever the sun goes down. Seems like she doesn’t really like darkness.
I’m on the road to RECOVERY!!

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