Zac called from school

Just received a call from Zac when he has finished his lunch in school. Time is so precious and the kids are growing so fast every day. Seems like yesterday when I got married and now in a blink of an eye, 8 years have passed…. 

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Day trip to Pontian

We ventured out to Pontian with House of Lim. All I ever know about Pontian is the wantan noodles. So what we must try is also that when we reach the small town. We went in through tuas checkpoint which will then take another hour to reach. Traffic was pretty clear. We headed to Kheng […]

Zac, Zann, Zoe

Trip to the Singapore Zoo once again

We decided to skip class and head for the zoo today. It was very empty and we realised that the waterplay area is closed, again!. So we reminded each other that we have to check for their closing date before we come the next time round. This time, Zac took a small notebook and attempted […]


He is simply cunning

Scenario 1 After 3 hours at Polliwogs… Zac: Mama i let you choose. After we buy french fries, will you let me play game or play water? Me: *thinking* who says I’m going to let you do any of those? ~~ Scenario 2 During dinner, zac has troubles finishing his food. Zac: Mama can i […]