He is simply cunning

Scenario 1
After 3 hours at Polliwogs…
Zac: Mama i let you choose. After we buy french fries, will you let me play game or play water?
Me: *thinking* who says I’m going to let you do any of those?
Scenario 2
During dinner, zac has troubles finishing his food.
Zac: Mama can i eat half the rice and drink half the soup?
Me: *thinking of how to answer”
Zac: Oh I know you are going to say if I eat half the rice, I have to finish all the soup. If I drink half the soup, then I have to eat all the rice, right?
Me: Can you bath your upper body and not your lower body?
Zac: Can! because the water will flow to my lower body when I rinse my upper body.
Me: Can you watch Ben10 halfway, not the full show?
Zac: Erm no … (And he got my answer)
Me: Ok finish all the rice and soup!


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