Documents to Bring for Conversion of Vehicle Use

In order for you to make the conversion to Z10 from P10 (personal car), Z10 basically means that it will be converted to private hire use. So do remember to bring these documents so that you will not have to go again. 

  1. ACRA (valid for 14 days)
  2. Original Owner IC
  3. Original Owner driving license
  4. Commercial insurance
  5. Authorisation letter with company letter head giving instructions to LTA to convert the car (vehicle number: xxxx) from P10 to Z10. 

If you want to access your car details via onemotoring, then you will need to log in using a user id and password instead of Singpass, since now the car does not belong to you but the company itself. So in order to do that, I had to go down to the counter and ask to open an account for the company car so I can access the log card anytime I want. Click here for the form. 

For partnerships, meaning that the ACRA involves 2 persons, you will need both parties to go down to LTA office at 10 Sin Ming Drive. Else, the company may write an authorisation letter and authorise the person going down to make the conversion. Please check again with LTA to be sure before going down. 

I went down on a Friday and although there were many people, the queue was pretty fast. It took about 5 mins to apply for a user id and password and another 5 mins to do the conversion. After the conversion, the counter lady printed out a vehicle log card for me as well. So I could actually head down to Uber or Grab straight after.