10 Things About Bandung

  1. Stay in a nice hotel as high up as possible. The breeze and breakfast will be worth it.
  2. As it is a place well visited by Indonesians from other cities, the best time to travel will be during the weekdays.
  3. Food is not especially cheap if you eat in restaurants but they are definitely more hygienic than those you get from the streets.
  4. Bring a bigger luggage or extra bags, the local snacks will need the space.
  5. Their limes are very fragrant, so if time and space allows, grow it in your garden.
  6. The locals use a lot of limes which enhance the flavour in a lot of dishes.
  7. In Bandung, it is mainly the Sudanese people, so you can get a lot of Sudanese food. 
  8. Massage is very affordable, book early on a weekend. We went to Zen a few times and their service and skills are consistent. Their massage salon is also welcoming and very clean. 
  9. Always take their time estimation with a pinch of salt as the traffic there is highly unpredictable.
  10. Go always for the nature scenic views and places, they are worth the trip.

Bandung is definitely worth it!