Day 23 (8 Apr 2014) White noise and cluster feeding

It is until I gave birth to Zoe and got a indoor photographer for her shoot then I know there is something called “white noise”. Hence in view of the craze that may arise when the nanny is gone next Tuesday, I downloaded the app that has all sorts of noises.
I had wanted to buy a cot mobile for Zoe so as to keep her company while I can do some housework. Hence I started taobaoing again. Bought some rattlers as well. Hope I don’t buy more things than I need.
Today I learnt about cluster feeding.  Some babies need to feed closely especially before sleeping time. When they are close to their mothers, they will smell them and want to suckle for comfort. This will outgrow when they are a few months old.
These few days I already can see Zoe changing. She has fuller cheeks and is awake for slightly longer periods of time during the day, though she is always still half asleep.


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