One Day Garden Itinerary to Johor Bahru

Today I am going into Johor Bahru for I need to get some supplies. And it starts at 8.45am at the customs. No jam apparently as it is Labour Day on Monday so everyone is already out of town.

First stop will be going for breakfast when we reach around 9.30-10am. As usual, the hangout will be around Bukit Indah and the whole of today will be around this region. Everything else seems to be a bit far away and Bukit Indah is actually a good area to et everything within reach. 

We had our breakfast at 
As the current interest of the family is on gardening, I will always explore nurseries around every place I go. So today we are going to slot in one or two nursery tours and supply shopping. So my plan is to get a few pots to fit into my new garden shelves to make it more uniform and neat as it is filling up the whole corridor. 


Dumpling festival is around the corner, and the LPG burner in my mum’s house is too old and needs a replacement. Bestmart is a good place to shop for household items like pots and pails. I can find almost everything there. But don’t try your luck when you are looking for fashion and design stuff.


Aeon Shopping

Massage haircut

Grocery in Aeon

Pasar malam at Bukit Indah