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Using colander as a pot

April 2, 2017 Christina 0

Hey there, guys! It’s a hack again, and this time it’s using a colander as a pot. A colander is used for draining vegetables and fruits. I was at Index [….]

DIY Greenhouse

March 26, 2017 Christina 0

Recently I started to like gardening and together with my neighbour, we started our own gardens outside our flats. In order to protect some of the germinating seeds, it would [….]

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Hydroponics setup

March 25, 2017 Christina 0

This is the first time I’m trying out a hydroponics setup. This setup comes complete with the baskets, sponges, a pump and timer for the water flow. I specifically chose [….]

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Trial at Hydroponics Farming

February 8, 2017 Christina 0

Recently, I started becoming concerned about the food we eat, the vegetables sold in the markets and the pesticides widely used in all the crops. I then started reading up [….]