These are the recipes that use eggs as an ingredient. Eggs are part of our daily life and it provides us proteins for the day.


Steamed Egg

Ingredients4 eggs, beaten3 tbsp cold waterPinch of salt MethodAdd all ingredients together.Steam either in a steamer or put on a steamer basket in the rice cooker while cooking the rice.Serve.


Hotdog Egg

Ingredients2 eggs, beaten1 hotdog, sliced ( I get them from IKEA)salt and peppercheese (optional) MethodHeat up oil in wok and fry sliced hotdog till golden brown.Pour egg mixture in and stir. Add a dash of salt and pepper immediately. If the hotdog is salty in the first place, you may omit salt and just add […]

Eggs, Seafood

Onion Prawns Omelette

The aroma of eggs has always been one of the most fulfilling of all, this time with onions and prawns, which further enhances the taste. With minimal seasoning, one can easily dish this in minutes. Best with plain rice or porridge.