Day 16 (1 Apr 2014) 2014 Challenge

Today is the EDD of Baby Zoe. She was born 38 weeks. It’s not April’s Fool joke. Last night was a killer for the nanny.  Baby didn’t sleep till 5 am, making noises from 1 am after I comfort fed her.
Till now I’m still trying to learn Priscillia Dunston’s recognition of baby cries, trying to decipher her every cry cos if I manage to, it will ease a lot for my future care of the baby.
Soon I will be starting to let baby Zoe have some swimming time at home. Every day for about 5-10 mins. Massage and then exercise to strengthen her. I’m sure I can handle that. I can ensure that im always there for my baby, Zac and Zann. Its an experience once in a lifetime to have the chance to be the sole caregiver to your kids and im glad my partner doesnt disapprove of my wish. My challenge for 2014.

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