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Day 37 (22 Apr 2014) Hep B 2nd dose

Today is Zoe first vaccination ever since she was discharged. The business at polyclinic is ever so prosperous, so crowded with people. Fortunately for newborns I heard the queue is much faster. Maybe cos not many newborns go to the polyclinic. But vaccinations require for primary 1 is free, so why not? We went for […]

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Day 28 (13 Apr 2014) Baby Shower

Today is the celebration for Zoe full month and also that I can soon start to eat some decent normal food. Many friends and relatives came to give their blessings and I really appreciate it. These days I would also like to attend these kind of occasions as they are the only few times one […]

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Day 25 (10 Apr 2014) Growth spurt!

Today I was in desperation of need to make sure my baby doesn’t cry after a full feed. The only thing that works is stuffing her mouth with my breast. I am really thankful for having Facebook as a platform for doubts that u have as as breastfeeding mum. I asked around for tips and […]

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Day 20 (5 Apr 2014)

Baby shower has been fixed on 13th Apr Sunday and I chose Chilli Api Catering according to some good reviews online. The dishes that I will be ordering are Kampung Mee Siam, Olive Seafood Fried Rice, Crispy Cutlet with Chicken Floss, Smoked Duck Breast, Seafood Beancurd,  Chicken Ngoh Hiang, Chap Chye, Chocolate cake, Cheng Tng, […]

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Day 18 (3 Apr 2014)

Today Zoe has been drinking every 2 hours, I wonder whether she is having a growth spurt, which I hope since the nanny is still here. Experience really makes a lot of difference. With experience I am able to better manage Zoe with many situations within my expectations. Click to view video.

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Day 17 (2 Apr 2014) Baby Zoe Swimming

Today I started bb Zoe on swimming. During Zac times he swims everyday and enjoys the activity very much. From what I read online, swimming helps brain and motor skills development. Her first day was pretty calm and she didn’t cry much, seemed like she was enjoying the swim. She still has a bit of […]

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Day 16 (1 Apr 2014) 2014 Challenge

Today is the EDD of Baby Zoe. She was born 38 weeks. It’s not April’s Fool joke. Last night was a killer for the nanny.  Baby didn’t sleep till 5 am, making noises from 1 am after I comfort fed her. Till now I’m still trying to learn Priscillia Dunston’s recognition of baby cries, trying […]

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Day 15 (31 Mar 2014)

Everything is well and I can feel that baby has grown since she came back from the hospital. I bought a weighing scale just for weighing her so that I know how much she has grown and it turns out that the weighing scale was not accurate at all! Argzzz! Tomorrow I will be going […]

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Day 14 (30 Mar 2014) High fever

Today I got a high fever 39.2°C and was down as I felt my whole body aching, my head spinning and aching. My nanny then told me to eat the painkiller that was prescribed by the hospital and wrap myself in the blanket to force the perspiration out. Once my clothes become wet, I have […]

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Day 13 (29 Mar 2014)

No school for kids which kinda meant noise throughout the day for me. I was REALLY tired that I could not be bothered with the kids and just slept. Had a good nap and now eyes wide open watching my hk drama. Isn’t she just too cute?


Day 4 (20 Mar 2014) Engorgement!!

Today I am experiencing engorgement as the body makes more milk for the baby, not knowing how much they need for a start. While the baby starts nursing the body will naturally adjust to their appetite and make the amount of milk that she requires for every feed. Hence I truly believe that EVERY MOTHER […]