Clap Baby Clap

Suitable for : 6 weeks

Time : 3 minutes

Difficulty Level : ♥♥

Development Goal : Hand movement

This game is to develop the baby's mind in order to coordinate with his hand movement. Exercising the hand not only promotes the development of the muscle but also motor skills coordination as a whole. 

Personality Goal : Emotional Control

The way the father and mother holds, treats and develops the baby, will have a lasting effect on the way the baby treats life in the future. So the ability to control his emotions is develop in stages as early as this. 

How to play the game

Whenever your baby wakes up is the first moment you touch him after some time. This would be the best time to start this game. Let him lie on you as he gently wakes. Hold both his hands and wave them in front of himself so that he takes notice of them. While singing a song, gently move his hands from side to side, waving back and forth. Sing a little faster, while waving the hands faster. Sing a little slower and wave the hands slower. If the baby feels short on attention, stop the game and move unto something else. The main purpose of the games is to ensure that the baby is at all times, happy and in a positive mood. This is the best time to play with the baby.