Flip Baby Flip

Suitable for : 6 weeks

Time : 3 minutes

Difficulty Level : ♥♥

Development Goal : Trunking movement

This game is to enable the baby's limbs to be flexible and extend the movement of their limbs. It is also a very good exercise for his muscles, bones and joints.

Personality Goal : Optimism

By moving the limbs, the baby is able to develop his intelligence and optimistic spirit which helps to form the healthy physique and the positive attitude towards the things in life later on.

How to play the game

Get ready a soft and clean bed or play pad and let the baby lie down. Start by holding baby's right ankle and cross it to the left side. Do not do it too hard and do not worry as the baby's body will naturally move together. Restore to the baby's original position and repeat on the other ankle to the opposite direction. You can play this game whenever you change your baby's diaper. Repeat a few times on each side.