Dragonfruit Enzyme Drink 红龙珠果酵素


  1. 1.5kg Pink Dragon Fruit
  2. 4 Lemons
  3. 500g Brown sugar



Recently, I have started developing my love handles. So I went on the net to search for slimming recipes and exercises desperately. I came across enzyme as helping to digest and detex. And I decided to give it a try.

Remove the skins of dragonfruits and lemons. Slice the dragonfruits to about 1cm thick and the lemons about 0.5cm thick Arrange dragonfruit slices starting at the bottom, alternating with slices of lemon and brown sugar. The last layer at the top must be sugar.

Shake the bottle gently in the first 3 days, so that everything is mixed well and coated evenly, letting them ferment further. After ther first 3 days, you may stir the mixture occasionally. Then cover and let the fermentation work itself for 2 weeks. Drink about 15-20ml every morning and night. 

I used the dragonfruit skins for compost and the lemon skins for my homemade lemon vinegar cleaning solution. Do not worry if you do not do these, just throw them away or give to someone who needs them. My ultimate aim is always to reuse all the parts of the fruit.